Trio Stiletto

Soprano- / Alto Saxophone / Clarinet, Piano & Vocals
"Wir machen Musik”

from: "Wir machen Musik”/ music: Igelhoff / Steimel, lyrics: Kräutner/ Pinelli

“Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuß auf Liebe eingestellt”

: "The Blue Angel" / music & lyrics: Friedrich Hollaender

“I know him so well “

: "Chess" / music & lyrics: B. Andersson/ B. Ulvaeus/ T .Rice
”I have a love”

: "West Side Story" /  music: L. Bernstein, lyrics: S. Sondheim

Recordings: Thomas Schmidt, Freiberg

Novalis. Mensch sein ist eine Kunst

(Being human is art.)
CD 6: Briefe von und an Novalis
(letters from and to Novalis)

Clarinet Trio "Charming clarinets" with
Gundula Hußke and Daniel Rothe


CD 3: Aphorismen und Improvisationen

(aphorisms and improvisations)

Andreas Greiner (narrator)

Ralf “Franky” Grötzschel (drums)
Dietrich Wagler (organ / composition of themes)

Saxophone & Organ (Dietrich Wagler)

Live - Recordings:

Joseph Gabriel Rheinberger

Intermezzo (Soprano Saxophone and Organ, arr. M. Wordtmann)
Max Bruch
Kol Nidrei op 47 for Baritone Saxophone and Organ
Johann Sebastian Bach
Flute Sonata BWV 1035 in E major



Carl-Maria von Weber

Clarinet Concerto No. 1  in F minor, 1st movement
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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Clarinet Concerto in A major, 2nd movement
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Alexander Glazunov
Concerto for Saxophone und Orchestra
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Paul Carr
Concerto for Soprano and Alto Saxophone and Orchestra(Soprano Saxophone: Andy Miles)
Astor Piazzolla "Summit"

Suite for Baritone Saxophone (Anja Bachmann),
Bandoneon (Michael Dolak), Piano (Holger Miersch),
Bass (Tino Scholz), Drums and Orchestra
(Mittelsächsische Philharmonie, Conductor: GMD Jan Michael Horstmann)
Recording of 31.08.2009

Deutschlandradio Kultur
CD-Launch-Recording of 19.01.2010
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MDR Radio - „Aufgefallen – Das sächsische Kulturmagazin"  
CD-Launch-Recording of 15.03.2010
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Freie Presse, Chemnitz, 20 November 2009

Heart and Soul
First CD of a Klezmer band with musicians from Freiberg, Saxony
""...They play with heart and soul, and thus following the essence of Yiddish music. ...."Harts un Neschome", which literally means ‘heart and soul’, is the name and indeed programme of the album and evokesthe character and style of their sound.
In line-up and style the band follows traditional pieces of Klezmer, but there is more than just the strive for perfection of music of Jewish tradition. Harts un Neschome shows a commitment to play genuine Klezmer rather than just follow a temporary fad. And what a legacy it is. The 19 tracks on this CD all stem from a heritage of the Eastern shtetl, there are dances and songs for all occasions from various time periods and backgrounds ....
All songs are performed with dedication and allow the listener to share the musician’s emotions. These recordings will warm your heart and soul. Moreover, the joy and exuberance of their style of playing not only shows their virtuosity and musicianship, but is extremely infectious. Their music is wonderfully engaging..."



Harts un Neschome



Yankele / Freylekh tants
Ich hab dich tsu fil lieb

Recordings: Mike Wappler
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Timeless Harmony

Saxophone: Anja Bachmann / Harp: Kerstin Georgi
Drums:  Michael Winkler / Bass: Tino Scholz

Silent Dance

Golden Dawn


 Pour A

Recordings: Mike Wappler

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Audio & Video

Hans-Peter Preu

New York Jazz Suite - Sketches fo(u)r two Saxes

Concerto for two Saxophones, Symphony Orchestra and Jazz trio in five sets.
Live recording and production
with Andy Miles and WDR-Radio Orchestra,

October 2009

1. Bonsai Bebop
2. Rush Hour
>>> youtube

3. Night Alone
4. Bach on Broadway
5. A Weekend in the City
"As time goes by"  (by Herman Hupfeld, from the film "Casablanca")
Anja Bachmann (Sax) and Mittelsächsische Philharmonie Freiberg

Live recording at New Year´s reception on 13.01.2013, OB Freiberg

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Harts un Neschome live!
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"The Tale of Taliesin" for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra, composed by Martin Romberg
Alto Saxophone (Anja Bachmann)
(Mittelsächsische Philharmonie, Conductor: GMD Jan Michael Horstmann)
part 1   >>> youtube
part 2
  >>> youtube
Trio Insolite    live !
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Trio Insolite

"Worlds Beyond" by Daniel Schnyder

Live recording of the Chamber concert on 05.01.2014 at Mittelsächsische Theatre

Bass Trombone: Danilo Koban,
Piano: Johannes Schmeller,
Soprano Saxophone: Anja Bachmann

>>> youtube

Schuhmacher Marsch" by Daniel Schnyder

Bass Trombone: Danilo Koban,,
Soprano Saxophone: Anja Bachmann

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Clarinet & Saxophone










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Short preview mix

"Since we first met ...
Two reeds are not enough !"
Hans-Peter Preu, Suite in five sets for 2x4 Clarinets/Saxophones and Orchestra
Premiere on 23.04.2015 at Nikolaikirche Freiberg
GMD Raoul Grüneis, Mittelsächsische Philharmonie,
Soloists: Anja Bachmann & Hans-Christian Wicke
>>> youtube

Solo (Clarinet / Saxophone)

Live - Recordings:

Suite "Generation" - Compositions for organ, trumpets, clarinet & saxophones
on the occasion of  300 years celebration of the Silbermann organ in Jakobikirche Freiberg, sponsored by  Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen
Concert recordings from  4 may 2018, Jakobikirche Freiberg
concert, complete version

first set:
"Teil der Lösung" by Christian Rheber

second set
: "Dreamers" by Andy Miles

third set: "Spukomo" by Michael Fuchs

fourth set: "Unity / Contradiction" by Jens Grötzschel

fifth set: "Fuge Für Fünf" by Hans-Peter Preu

Symphony concert "Jazzer",
Mittelsächsische Philharmonie

"Symphonic Jazz Rhapsodie" for clarinet and orchestra (Premiere), Composer: Andy Miles
"Freiberg Saxophone Concerto" for saxophone and orchestra (Premiere), Composer: Daniel Freiberg
Overture to "Shall we dance" and others, Composer: George Gershwin
Soloist: Anja Bachmann, Conductor: Raoul Grüneis
Premiere 11 April 2019, Freiberg   >>> mdr