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Döbelner Allgemeine Zeitung, 2 November 2016, Dirk Wurzel
"Audiences in Waldheim enthusiastically welcomed the music of the Freiberg-based band 'Harts un Neschome'. With standing ovations, the over 80 audience members appreciated their rendition of Klezmer music. This ensemble consists of Anja Bachmann (lead, clarinet, oboe, voice), Kerstin Guzy (violone), Michael Winkler (drums), Toni Scholz (bass), and Hans-Richard Ludewig (accordeon). Ms Bachmann opened the concert with an interpretation of a Jewish-Yiddish wedding tune as she walked through the audience playing her clarinet. On stage, the band then joined into a very catchy and poignant piece called “The Klezmers Frailach". Frailach means cheerful, and it was indeed rather joyous how Anja Bachmann and Kerstin Guzy glanced at each other while playing. Immediately after this first piece, the band received a lot of applause; seemingly more than the musicians had expected, as they were all geared up promptly to pick up their instruments and play on."

Orchester,  7/8 2015
("In immer wieder neue Hör-Kurven geworfen" - Die Mittelsächsische Philharmonie
Freiberg und "All that Jazz!", Florian Frisch)
"...With the premiere of a commissioned composition by Hans-Peter Preu, his Suite for Clarinets, Saxophone and Orchestra, generously supported by the Freiberg Theaterförderverein, the audience at a sold-out Nikolaikirche was thrust into an immense rollercoaster of differing styles, colors, moods and instruments. Cheekily the title of the concert is "Two reeds are not enough" – and indeed, the soloists of this groovy piece played a whole collection of reed instruments: Anja Bachmann and Hans Christian Wicke can be heard playing all of the most popular representatives of the saxophone and clarinet family: E-flat and B -clarinets, bass clarinet, basset horn, soprano, alto, tenor as well as baritone saxophone. Preu, who is first Kapellmeister at the Landesbühnen Sachsen, had written this work specifically for Bachmann and Wicke. Both musicians played and performed so closely coordinated and almost intimate as one seldom sees; it would not come as a surprise to hear they are both good friends in private life. With this the Suite seemed like a wild roller-coaster ride, which catapulted its listeners from set to set, threw them again and again into new sound bends, dashed on at a rattling pace and into frenzied dynamics, to then suddenly welter and sink into a wallowing song (the fourth movement “Without you" is beautiful and reduced me to tears!)."
Freie Presse, 13 August 2013
…Sunday evening at Flöhaer Georgenkirche saw a musical high-light as well as a very entertaining two hours. An audience of almost 150 listeners came and sat up in the galleries and upper tiers in order to enjoy this concert as part of the Central Saxony Cultural Summer. The quintet ‘Harts un Neschome’ played Klezmer music. Anchor of the group is Anja Bachmann, aficionados know her to be the Solo Clarinettist of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Central Saxony. Her exceptional style of play alone was worth the price of admission. It would be imprudent to label all other musicians (violin, accordion, bass and drums) as mere support act as only all instruments together created such a Gesamtkunstwerk...
Döbelner Allgemeine Zeitung, 21 May 2013
... The Trio presented a series of arrangements, and musicians changed their instruments several times: Anja Bachmann took up the clarinet, soprano and alto saxophone; Yvonn Richter played oboe, oboe d´amore and English horn; and Mei Chu Lai provided a sonorous bass line by playing her bassoon and contrabassoon. In fact, works for three performers are quite difficult to play: Every musician has to act as soloist and yet the ensemble needs to find a collective sound. These three ladies managed it impressively: one beautiful example was ‘Summer’ from Astor Piazolla’s “Four Seasons”, arranged by Hans-Peter Preu for oboe and soprano saxophone, where both oboe and soprano saxophone exquisitely passed the melody onto each other in harmonised phrasing and musical curves ...
Sächsische Zeitung, 20 February 2012

... The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly Martin Romberg's symphonic poem "The Tale of Talisien" for alto saxophone and orchestra... Soloist Anja Bachmann completely enchanted us with her virtuoso and nuanced performance. In return rapturous applause was given, which the attending composer enjoyed immensely...
Freie Presse, 18 February 2012
... Thankfully, Anja Bachmann as Soloist in Martin Romberg’s musical poem "The Tale of Talisien" for alto saxophone and orchestra came into her own. This fine piece, divided by Romberg into episodes, originates from a tale of an enchanted singer during the time of King Arthur, and unfolds in a dialogue of saxophone and orchestra. Anja Bachmann, Solo Clarinettist at the Philharmonic Orchestra of Central Saxony, has on many past occasions impressed audiences with her play of the saxophone. And this time audiences got their money’s worth again. Ms Bachmann had a wonderfully round tone which is based on the music of Celtic bards…she was celebrated for her expressive and acclaimed style of playing...
"The Tale of Talisien"  part Iwatch on YouTube >>>
"The Tale of Talisien"  part IIwatch on YouTube >>>
Mitteilungsblatt, 15 April 2010   
Harts un Neschome
.. The five musicians (clarinet, violin, accordion, bass and drums) of Freiberg Klezmer Ensemble "Harts un Neschome ", which means "heart and soul", do justice to the name as they simply delighted the audience in Trossing with their outrageously passionate sounds. The many influences of Klezmer music drawn from Hasidic, Ashkenazi and Sephardic roots, the sounds of Jewish tradition as well as the breadth of Eastern European folklore were made audible across loud and quieter sounds, as well as swift tempo and time changes. Anja Bachmann’s towering play, her powerful phrasing technique and diverse use of dynamics showed an astounding breadth of expression in her overblown high notes but also her tender fading Morendo...
Schwäbische Zeitung, 10 April 2010
Harts un Neschome

… Though the musicians opened the concert with a restrained version of  “Mizmor L`David”, the ensuing “Odessa Bulgar", a boisterous dance in 8/8, created an animated atmosphere. One avid listener marvelled on clarinettist Anja Bachmann and explained:”This one is a volcano!”...And Ms Bachmann is undoubtedly the centre of Harts un Neschome. Her clarinet sings, cajoles, begs, sonorously purrs, and then yet again heartily bleats and to top it all off finishes on a high A at the end of “Yankele”.
Absolutely stunning! ....

Freie Presse Freiberg,  27 January 2009
Harts un Neschome

... "Harts un Neschome"...the name says it all: With heart and soul ... and exuberant joy ... The five musicians of the Freiberg Klezmer Ensemble are a funny little bunch, full of captivating candour which can be felt at their concerts. ... Utter professionals taking irrepressible delight in playing this colourful and stirring music...

DAZ, 2 September 2008
Closing concert of  the Summer Festival of Organ music 2008

... Dietrich Wagler from Freiberg is undoubtedly one of the most famous organists in Saxony... Wagler brought along clarinettist Anja Bachmann,...which made for an entertaining intensification of the repertoire. Anja Bachmann’s play honoured the saxophone. The duo played baroque music such as one of Bach’s difficult flute sonatas with a high degree of transparency. Their Klezmer medley wowed the audience in such a way that it even had to be extended...

Freie Presse, Zschopau, September 2008
Concert for clarinet, saxophone and organ in Drehbach on 13 September 2008

... Church Music Director Dietrich Wagler and Anja Bachmann, First Soloist of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Central Saxony, gave a concert for clarinet, saxophone and organ ... an unusual musical mix. ...They have been performing together since 2001 … and in 2007 made a guest appearance at Bremen Cathedral... After works by Mozart and Bach resounded, maximum delight found its peak during a Klezmer medley. Loud, energetic and exciting ... a wonderful concert...

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, 4 September 2007

... With Alexander Glazunov’s Concerto for saxophone and string orchestra, Op. 109 the musicians, above all Soloist Anja Bachmann, achieved an astonishing and unique surprise... With wonderful soft tones, reminiscent of the low sound of a clarinet, Soloist Anja Bachmann commanded the orchestra self-assuredly. Long applause followed...

Das Orchester, Magazine for Orchestra, Radio & Choir, July/August 20077

... You could not have wished for a more beautiful opening of the Freiberg Jazz Festival... with Soloists Anja Bachmann and Andy Miles (both on saxophone and clarinet) the premiere of Preus’ New York Jazz Suite... intoxicatingly celebrated...the after-effect equalled a coat of twinkling lights above the city...

Freie Presse, Feuilleton, 23. April 2007

... The 33rd Jazz Festival, themed as “Bach meets Jazz”, started with a much-applauded concert of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Central Saxony with Soloists Anja Bachmann and Andy Miles (both  on clarinets and saxophones). Nearly 600 people celebrated the brilliance of the Orchestra, versed in Bach as well as classic Jazz,…with thunderous applause and only released them after many encores...

Freie Presse, 7 November 2006
Concert for organ, clarinet and saxophone

... The medley of Klezmer compositions took the audience on a roller coaster ride. The clarinet sobbed and rejoiced with "Yankele", bubbled over with vitality with “Ki Mitzion", and found a fervent spirited finale with "Dance of Delight" ...

Weserkurier, 18 April 2005
... A special musical highlight came with Alexander Glazunov’s concert for Alto saxophone and string Orchestra in E flat major, Op. 109 (1865-1936). In Anja Bachmann, conductor Grigori Pantijelew could rely on a renowned musician...She presented a performance of the highest level. With her clean shaped tone she climbed the cadences again and again with rapid runs into acrobatic heights, and her delightful soft embouchure in slower passages filled the church with rich sound. Intense applause...
Freie Presse, Feuilleton, 8/9 March 2003
Concert for saxophone by Alexander Glasunow
... It was the best possible opportunity for First Solo Clarinettist Anja Bachmann to present herself. Her performance was a dazzling success. And because she did what she always does: She places her instrumental artistry into the centre of her performance. Her lively soulful tone never pushed into the foreground, but instead was a kind of chamber musical spirit, which created a harmony between the conductor and her orchestra colleagues. This is what concert music should sound like...

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Feuilleton, 15 April 2002
"The Bartered Bride" by Bedrich Smetana

...The best thing about this performance by the Mittelsächsische Philharmonic Orchestra ... is their capability to find the right tone of colour of Smetana’s music. Noteworthy are the woodwinds, and here in particular the first clarinet who adapted the Bohemian tone perfectly...


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